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Transition Talks: Transforming Polluter Cities to Become Carbon Neutral

Net Zero Technology Centre Podcast 09/01/22 Interview with Michael Shank, Ph.D., Director of Engagement, Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance Although cities account for less than 2% of the Earth’s surface, they are responsible for generating over 60% of global greenhouse emissions. Being the leading contributor to climate change, urban areas need […]

Closing High-level Segment, Economic and Social Council Adopts Ministerial Declaration Reaffirming Poverty Eradication Indispensable for Building Resilient Societies

UNITED NATIONS 07/18/22 Against the backdrop of a highly uncertain global outlook, with rising food and fuel prices blunting efforts to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Economic and Social Council formally adopted the ministerial declaration of its high-level political forum on sustainable development today, reaffirming that poverty eradication is […]

Circular Food Innovation Lab Launches to Cut Food Waste

CITY OF VANCOUVER 04/05/22 Circular Food Innovation Lab launches to help businesses cut food waste and costs The Circular Food Innovation lab is an opportunity to collaborate with companies throughout the food chain towards circular solutions so food grown for people doesn’t go to waste. March 31 2022 – As […]

Would Vermont Be a Good Place to Ride Out an Apocalypse?

VERMONT PUBLIC RADIO 03/30/22 By Brave Little State It’s a scary thought, to be sure. Brave Little State considers a few apocalyptic scenarios, including some that have already begun. And: Just how neighborly would we be, really, if the world were ending? Note: Our show is made for the ear. […]

Hot Button Social and Economic Issues Top Student Essay Contest

RUTLAND HERALD 12/10/21 By Keith Whitcomb Jr. Staff Writer  The Rutland school mascot, the Black Lives Matter movement, Vermont’s aging population, and misogyny were the topics earning prizes in this year’s Rutland County Writing Contest. The contest has been held for the past few years by Michael Shank, communications director […]

Zero Begins with Z: Generation Z’s Quest for a Clean Future

KNOLL 08/10/21 As individuals, communities, and companies increasingly turn their focus to improving the environment, how do we prioritize our commitment to carbon reduction and align a common approach to progress? Uncover the strategies trailblazing organizations are taking to protect the planet for generations to come. Guests Michael Shank, PhD […]

No Noise Ordinance to be Pursued in Brandon

RUTLAND HERALD 04/13/21 By Keith Whitcomb Jr.  BRANDON — There won’t be a noise ordinance in town, at least not anytime soon, after a 4-1 rejection voted by the Select Board on Monday. For the past several months, the town has debated whether to draft a noise ordinance. Two public […]

Townsfolk Far Apart on Noise Ordinance

RUTLAND HERALD 03/29/21 By Keith Whitcomb Jr. Staff Writer  BRANDON — Some in town see a noise ordinance as a case of the government overstepping its bounds, meanwhile others think not regulating decibels makes Brandon a hard place to live. The Select Board hosted two public listening forums on March […]