Author: Michael Shank

Going Green in Cities: 3 Leadership Lessons From London

APOLITICAL 07/07/24 By Michael Shank This article is written by Dr Michael Shank, Director of Engagement at the Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance. The problem: There’s concern that a global backlash against climate policies is in full swing and that running on climate isn’t good for political campaigns. Why it matters: […]

How Cities Can Shift Power to the Youth

CITYCHANGERS 07/04/24 By Michael Shank This article was written for by Dr. Michael Shank, adjunct faculty at New York University and George Mason University. In it, he argues that cities stuck in the business-as-usual rut can hand the reins to a politically- and eco-minded youth – a generation thirsty […]

Let’s Get to Grips With the Housing Crisis — The Young Demand It

POLITICO 06/13/24 By Michael Shank Incumbent leaders have largely failed to tackle key socioeconomic issues like the rising cost of housing. All across Europe and the U.S., new right parties are rising to power, threatening progress on many social and environmental issues, including critical climate action. The recent EU parliamentary […]

Six Steps to Decarbonising Buildings

CITYCHANGERS 06/11/24 By Michael Shank and Irene Garcia This article was written for by Irene Garcia, Built Environment Lead, and Michael Shank, Director of Engagement, both with the Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance. In it, they outline a six-step plan – illustrated by examples of how these steps have been implemented […]

From Housing Dystopias to Housing Utopias

REVOLVE 05/30/24 By Areti Vlachodimou Millions of European citizens struggle to afford housing bills, but there is hope on the horizon Housing and mental wellbeing are intertwined. Imagine that over 40% of your income had to go towards covering your rent and bills, which is the minimum threshold used to […]

How Policymakers Can Keep Climate Top of Mind—Even if Trump Wins

FAST COMPANY 05/30/24 By Michael Shank There’s fear in the climate community that November’s presidential elections could upend all the work that President Joe Biden’s administration has done on clean energy and environmental justice. As a result, there’s a mad dash to get climate funding out the door in case […]

Making Sustainability Stick in Government Regardless of Administrations

APOLITICAL 05/29/24 By Michael Shank This article is written by Dr Michael Shank, director of engagement at the Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance. Michael also teaches sustainable development at New York University’s Center for Global Affairs. The following article is written in his personal capacity. The problem: Environmental programming risks getting […]