Author: Michael Shank

Climate Budgeting and the Art of De-siloing City Governance

APOLITICAL 03/10/24 By Michael Shank Environmental budgeting processes in Oslo are introducing a new form of city governance featuring fewer silos, greater collaboration and more efficiencies and benefits across government. This article is written by Dr. Michael Shank, Director of Engagement at the Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance. The problem: There […]

Want to Accelerate Climate Action? Show People Real-Life Benefits

POLITICO 03/07/24 By Michael Shank Rather than leading with data and promoting health, safety and economic “co-benefits” as bonus add-ons, climate advocates need to flip the script. For years, the priority of many environmentalists has been to get the public to care about climate change via data and science — […]

Change Strategies or Break New Crime Records

HILLRAG 02/21/24 By Michael Shank The District of Columbia had their deadliest year in two decades – 2023 – but is bound to break new records this year, irrespective of the Secure DC crime bill getting final approval from the City Council this month. The bill does little to make […]

Power to the People: Rethinking City Governance

APOLITICAL 01/07/24 By Michael Shank How cities in Europe are retrofitting to reflect new climate realities and community needs The problem: People are disengaged on climate and distrustful of government. Why it matters: We need everyone on board with no-one left behind. The solution: Embedding city staff within the community […]

Stop the Finger-Pointing, Democrats. You’re in the Grip of Big Oil

NEWSWEEK 01/10/24 By Michael Shank With 2023 ranking as the hottest year on record and 2024 estimated to break last year’s record, one would expect the world’s biggest economies—like the United States, which is the world’s largest producer of oil and gas—to take climate change more seriously. Especially given the […]