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How Policymakers Can Keep Climate Top of Mind—Even if Trump Wins

FAST COMPANY 05/30/24 By Michael Shank There’s fear in the climate community that November’s presidential elections could upend all the work that President Joe Biden’s administration has done on clean energy and environmental justice. As a result, there’s a mad dash to get climate funding out the door in case […]

A Way to Protect Environmental Regulations From Trump 2.0

NEWSWEEK 05/03/24 By Michael Shank There’s a scramble in President Joe Biden’s administration to get out the door as much funding as possible for clean energy and environmental justice projects before it’s too late. This is evident across the administration, but it’s especially apparent at the Environmental Protection Agency and […]

Stop the Finger-Pointing, Democrats. You’re in the Grip of Big Oil

NEWSWEEK 01/10/24 By Michael Shank With 2023 ranking as the hottest year on record and 2024 estimated to break last year’s record, one would expect the world’s biggest economies—like the United States, which is the world’s largest producer of oil and gas—to take climate change more seriously. Especially given the […]

5 Reasons Why Cities Should Create an Office of Urban Agriculture

FAST COMPANY 07/14/23 By Michael Shank and Kate Lee There’s a new movement cropping up in city governments across America. It’s apolitical enough that it can avoid the polarization that comes with other climate initiatives. And it’s easy to incorporate because it spans many aspects of city governance and life, […]

Climate Activism Can’t Leave Out the Built Environment — It Generates Half of Emissions

THE HILL 08/05/22 By Michael Shank With Indonesian islanders suing cement producers for climate damages recently, buildings are getting much-needed attention for their carbon-heavy footprint. The built environment generates nearly 50 percent of annual global emissions. Yet, buildings hardly receive the climate activism commensurate with their impact – despite concrete […]