From governments to civil society, dozens of leaders are raising their voice to end extreme poverty.

Global Citizen has today announced “End Extreme Poverty Now — Our Future Can’t Wait”, a new year-long global campaign calling on the world’s governments, private sector leaders, and billionaires to step up and make the commitments urgently required to end extreme poverty now.

The campaign calls for urgent commitments in three critical areas: empowering adolescent girls across the world; breaking the systemic barriers that keep people trapped in poverty; and taking meaningful climate action now. You can learn more about the campaign and how you can take action to support it here.

It will unite the political leaders, artists, philanthropists, private sector leaders, CEOs, and Global Citizens the world over, and dozens of government leaders and leaders of civil society organizations around the world have already raised their voices in support of the campaign’s mission to end extreme poverty NOW.

Here’s a selection of the most inspirational quotes from global leaders stepping up to take action in support of the End Extreme Poverty Now — Our Future Can’t Wait campaign.

Director of Engagement of Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance, Michael Shank
“Cities are on the front lines of both of these poverty and planetary crises; it’s where social and climate inequities and impacts are most evident, due to decades of unsustainable development. Our extractive, emissions-heavy, and energy-intensive approach to development has been ruinous to populations and the planet. Since cities sit at the nexus of these crises, they require our full focus — especially for priority, frontline communities — which is why Global Citizen’s End Extreme Poverty NOW campaign is so critical. One crisis can’t be fixed in isolation from the other. Our approach to people and the planet is intertwined and implicates business as usual. As these crises increase, it’s clear that the NOW campaign has never been more necessary.”

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