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Extreme Weather, Global Changes Violate our Property Rights

VTDIGGER 10/01/21 RUTLAND HERALD 09/28/21 TIMES ARGUS 09/28/21 BRATTLEBORO REFORMER 10/01/21 By Michael Shank and US Congressman Raul Grijalva This commentary is by U.S. Rep. Raul Grijalva, D-Ariz., chair of the House Natural Resources Committee, and Michael Shank of Montpelier, communications director for Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance and an adjunct faculty member at […]

Rich Countries Need to Step Up on Climate Crisis

VTDIGGER 07/23/21 TIMES ARGUS 07/17/21 RUTLAND HERALD 07/17/21 By Michael Shank and US Congresswoman Yvette Clarke This column is by U.S. Rep. Yvette Clarke of New York and Dr. Michael Shank of Brandon. Clarke is vice chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee and co-chair of the Smart Cities Caucus. Shank […]

Is It Time for the United States and China to Welcome Climate Migrants?

REUTERS 07/22/21 By Michael Shank Accepting those displaced by worsening climate change disasters could shore up workforces and pension plans as national birthrates fall Michael Shank is the communications director for the Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance and adjunct faculty at NYU’s Center for Global Affairs. When environmental solutions to the […]

It’s Time for the U.S. to Pay Climate Reparations

NEWSWEEK 07/06/21 By Michael Shank and US Congresswoman Yvette Clarke The G7 meeting last month shows how much work is still needed to help less developed countries respond to increasing climate disasters. With rich countries merely reaffirming their over ten-year-old outdated commitment to provide $100 billion annually in aid for […]

2050 Is Too Late – We Need Carbon Neutrality by 2030

REUTERS 06/09/21 By Michael Shank After years of delays in acting, it’s now time for a radical ramp-up in emissions reductions goals There’s been a lot of postponing on the climate front of late. Some postponing has been understandable: The annual United Nations-facilitated climate talks, for example – known as […]

It’s Time to Reshape the Food Pyramid to Save the Climate

FAST COMPANY 03/09/21 By Michael Shank Now that Tom Vilsack is back at the helm at the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) for his second stint as secretary, receiving Senate confirmation last month, he’s been promoting conservation and a new bank to convince farmers to support climate action by paying […]

Winning Hearts and Minds for the Clean Energy Transition

EUSEW SECRETARIAT 05/18/20 Dr. Michael Shank Contributing to the blog this week is Dr. Michael Shank, Communications Director for the Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance and Adjunct Faculty at New York University’s Center for Global Affairs, EUSEW 2020 Digital Ambassador. The world is waking up to a new reality. Covid-19 makes […]