International Analysis

Power to the People: Rethinking City Governance

APOLITICAL 01/07/24 By Michael Shank How cities in Europe are retrofitting to reflect new climate realities and community needs The problem: People are disengaged on climate and distrustful of government. Why it matters: We need everyone on board with no-one left behind. The solution: Embedding city staff within the community […]

Climate and Conflict Go Hand in Hand in the Middle East

NEWSWEEK 11/28/23 By Michael Shank Few recent events have so dramatically undermined a sense of global unity and inflamed world opinion as the Gaza war, which saw a much-needed break in the fighting this week with the temporary, and now extended, truce.These fissures are lasting and could destabilize a solidarity […]

Using Renewable Energy to Help Rebuild in Ukraine

THE HILL 10/04/23 By Michael Shank and US Congressman Lloyd Doggett The accelerating climate emergency demands that we seek progress wherever and whenever possible. Understanding this, the leaders of 50 Ukrainian cities and territories sent a letter to Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm (copied to Secretary of State Antony Blinken, US […]

Oslo, Europe’s Climate Budget Trailblazer

EURACTIV 08/30/23 By Michael Shank In 2016, Oslo became the world’s first city to adopt a climate budget. In an update due in September, the Norwegian capital is expected to expand the concept to include indirect greenhouse gas emissions, which would be another major first, writes Michael Shank. Michael Shank […]

Wildfires and Indigenous Ways to Stop Them

REUTERS 08/07/23 By Michael Shank Indigenous peoples’ knowledge of halting wildfires should be tapped more often as climate change stokes blazes from Canada to Australia Wildfires are on everyone’s mind these days (and in everyone’s lungs it seems, too). Whether it’s the recent and ongoing wildfires in Canada – which […]

Can Sewers Provide the Low-Carbon Heat We Need?

REUTERS 03/20/23 By Michael Shank In the search for cheap, green heat, cities from Toronto to Seattle are harnessing a wasted asset: human poop As the saying goes, waste is a terrible thing to waste. They don’t say that, but they should. Because one of our member cities, Toronto, is […]

What’s the Key to Climate Action? Better Communication

REUTERS 01/23/23 By Michael Shank and Esa Nikunen Cities that invest in effectively getting climate messages out can drive faster change Michael Shank is director of engagement for the Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance and Esa Nikunen is director general of environment services for Helsinki. Have you ever been to the […]

3 Tangible Ways to Engage Your Community and Tackle Big Problems

FAST COMPANY 12/20/22 By Michael Shank From Amsterdam to Cleveland, cities are experimenting with tactics that bring community members into the conversation and empower them to make positive change. As more people migrate to urban areas at risk of climate disaster, cities are increasingly thinking and working outside the traditional […]