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CEOs and Celebrities Have Also Made Climate Change a Priority

THE HILL 09/13/18 By Michael Shank and Former US Congressman Michael Honda The latest frightening climate study, predicting a devastating rise in sea levels in the lifetimes of babies born today, isn’t generating the sense of urgency that it should. Many more people need to be alarmed and engaged and […]

More Recycling Can’t Fix The Fundamental Flaws With Fast Fashion

FAST COMPANY 04/24/18 By Michael Shank and Maxine Bedat Everyone in fashion is talking about “circularity,” but just focusing on reuse isn’t enough to lower the industry’s massive carbon footprint. Imagine if every piece of clothing you own could be recycled into fully new garments when they were worn out, […]

Fashion’s Carbon Footprint

VTDIGGER 03/25/18 Michael Shank & Maxine Bédat Editor’s note: This commentary is by Michael Shank and Maxine Bédat. Shank, of Brandon, is the communications director for the Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance and the Urban Sustainability Directors Network. Maxine Bédat co-founded the sustainable apparel company Zady and is a leader in […]

Doubling Down on Drone Mistakes

US NEWS & WORLD REPORT 06/29/17 By Michael Shank America’s trigger-happy president, Donald Trump, is increasingly getting the United States into trouble with dramatic ramp-ups of military intervention. The latest, Russia’s threat to retaliate in response to the Defense Department’s downing of a Syrian jet and Trump’s vague threatening over […]

Trump’s Tomahawk Missiles Won’t Help Somalia Find Peace

NEWSWEEK 06/16/17 By Michael Shank Blowback is already happening in response to President Donald Trump’s foreign policy. This week’s car bombing and siege at a restaurant in Mogadishu, Somalia, which killed 31 people and resulted in dozens of hostages, is an apparent reaction to Trump’s airstrikes over the weekend, which […]

Bailing On the Paris Climate Deal Would Be a Huge Security Risk

TIME MAGAZINE 06/01/17 By Michael Shank and U.S. Congressman Raul Grijalva U.S. Representative Grijalva (D-AZ) is a ranking member on the House Natural Resources Committee. Shank is an adjunct assistant professor at New York University’s Center for Global Affairs. The Trump Administration is poised to isolate itself from reality once […]

Don’t Let Yemen Turn Into Syria

USA TODAY 03/17/17 By Michael Shank Diplomacy and foreign aid are best ways to end terrorist groups. Why is Trump slashing them? President Trump, who promised as a candidate to “bomb the hell out of ISIS,” authorized a military raid in Yemen during his first couple of weeks in office […]