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Key posts in local government can help to tackle climate change

BRATTLEBORO REFORMER 02/23/23 VTDIGGER 02/28/23 TIMES ARGUS 02/17/23 RUTLAND HERALD 02/17/23 BENNINGTON BANNER 02/23/23 By Michael Shank and Julia Peek  When tackling climate change, one may think of the usual suite of approaches in policymaking: regulation and incentives to ramp up renewables, electrify our buildings and transportation, weatherize our homes, […]

Municipal Approach to Climate Action

VTDIGGER 01/16/23 RUTLAND HERALD 01/21/23 TIMES ARGUS 01/21/23 BRATTLEBORO REFORMER 01/23/23 MANCHESTER JOURNAL 01/23/23 By Michael Shank This commentary is by Michael Shank, a resident of Montpelier, who is director of engagement at the Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance and teaches sustainable development at New York University. As more people migrate […]

Examining the Environmental Impacts of Buildings in Vermont

BRATTLEBORO REFORMER 08/10/22 TIMES ARGUS 08/13/22 RUTLAND HERALD 08/13/22 By Michael Shank With Indonesian islanders suing cement producers for climate damages recently, buildings are getting much-needed attention for their carbon-heavy footprint. The built environment generates nearly 50 percent of annual global emissions, which is why efforts in Vermont to weatherize […]

Phil Scott, Dems and Bipartisanship

Rutland Herald 07/09/2022 Times Argus 07/09/2022 By Michael Shank Over the Fourth of July weekend, a resident of a town in Vermont posted a picture on social media of Gov. Phil Scott walking in a parade and said Vermont has a great governor, Scott is one of the good Republicans […]

Climate Talks

RUTLAND HERALD 06/18/22 TIMES ARGUS 06/18/22 By Michael Shank Any time the international community convenes to talk about climate change, there’s a predictable mix of criticism and encouragement. This month’s 50th anniversary of the Stockholm Declaration, commemorating the United Nations first official gathering to discuss the “human environment” and ways […]

Russian and U.S. War Crimes

RUTLAND HERALD 03/22/22 TIMES ARGUS 03/22/22 By Michael Shank President Joe Biden has become the latest leader to call Russian President Vladimir Putin a war criminal when asked by reporters Wednesday to weigh in on the subject. In so doing, he joins a growing list of international leaders to condemn […]

Ukraine/Russia/U.S. War

RUTLAND HERALD 03/08/22 TIMES ARGUS 03/08/22 By Michael Shank Citizens around the world are setting a new and impressive precedent in engaging in international affairs. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has raised a level of interest that dwarfs that of other recent conflicts or wars. This is undoubtedly a good thing: […]

Defense Resources and Climate Impact

TIMES ARGUS 12/24/21 RUTLAND HERALD 12/24/21 By Michael Shank and US Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke This past month, rich countries made it very clear that least-developed and under-resourced nations — the ones most vulnerable to extreme climate impacts but the least responsible for the global warming that generated them — […]