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Facing White Supremacy

RUTLAND HERALD 08/28/2021 TIMES ARGUS 08/28/2021 By Michael Shank Last month, in an online report of “America’s Best Places to Live in 2021,” which ranked 10 U.S. states as “America’s most welcoming,” Vermont ranked first. The state’s impressive COVID-19 response and strong public health spending boosted its spot. But what’s […]

Vermont Condones Bullies

RUTLAND HERALD 08/11/2021 TIMES ARGUS 08/11/2021 By Michael Shank There’s a movement metastasizing across America. It’s well armed, it’s extreme, and it’s led largely by white men. They’re enraged, they’re feeling entitled, and they’re taking ground wherever it’s given. And while the movement clearly got new wind in its sails […]

Climate Refugees

RUTLAND HERALD 07/31/21 TIMES ARGUS 07/31/21 By Michael Shank When environmental solutions to the climate crisis come with socio-economic benefits, it’s a win-win. While these co-benefits are inherent to most climate solutions, they’re not always effectively communicated or efficiently coordinated. Take this problem in need of a solution. Large carbon-emitting […]

Rich Countries Need to Do the Right Thing

TIMES ARGUS 07/17/21 RUTLAND HERALD 07/17/21 By Michael Shank and US Congresswoman Yvette Clarke The G7 meeting last month shows how much work is still needed to help less-developed countries respond to increasing climate disasters. With rich countries merely reaffirming their more than 10-year-old outdated commitment to provide $100 billion […]

Next Vermont Senator

RUTLAND HERALD 07/03/21 TIMES ARGUS 07/03/21 By Michael Shank To all the older white men potentially queuing for the 2022 election for U.S. Senate to represent Vermont, please step aside. Speaking as a white man to the handful of you who might run, I urge you to make space. As […]

Climate Repairs Now Urgent

RUTLAND HERALD 06/12/21 TIMES ARGUS 06/12/21 By Michael Shank There’s been a lot of postponing on the climate front of late. Some postponing has been understandable: The annual United Nations-facilitated climate talks, for example — known as the Conference of Parties, or COPs — were postponed because of COVID travel […]

Neighborly Talk Useless

RUTLAND HERALD 04/21/21 TIMES ARGUS 04/21/21 By Michael Shank I want to critique an oft-repeated proposition in Brandon — and throughout Vermont — that you can deal with a grievance by simply “talking with your neighbor.” To be clear, I support sitting down with anyone and, in diplomacy work, believe […]

No Noise Ordinance to be Pursued in Brandon

RUTLAND HERALD 04/13/21 By Keith Whitcomb Jr.  BRANDON — There won’t be a noise ordinance in town, at least not anytime soon, after a 4-1 rejection voted by the Select Board on Monday. For the past several months, the town has debated whether to draft a noise ordinance. Two public […]

Equity-Based Planning

RUTLAND HERALD 04/13/21 TIMES ARGUS 04/13/21 By Michael Shank and US Congresswoman Yvette Clarke President Joe Biden’s long-awaited American Jobs Plan has finally arrived, weighing in at $2.3 trillion in spending over 8 years. In today’s dollars, this is almost five times the new funding provided in President Obama’s 2009 […]

Townsfolk Far Apart on Noise Ordinance

RUTLAND HERALD 03/29/21 By Keith Whitcomb Jr. Staff Writer  BRANDON — Some in town see a noise ordinance as a case of the government overstepping its bounds, meanwhile others think not regulating decibels makes Brandon a hard place to live. The Select Board hosted two public listening forums on March […]