12 Principles for Climate-Centric Behavior Change Communications

12 Principles for Climate-Centric Behavior Change Communications CNCA 08/09/19 By Michael Shank This article is available to download as a PDF document and may be used as a resource to help guide your communications, campaigns or community engagement activities. It is based on the social impact research of and connects key psychological principles […]

Redefining “Pro-Life”: The Importance of Family Planning

MEDIUM 1/14/16 By Michael Shank This week, I became an “end-of-the-liner”. It’s a term I’m using to refer to my newly vasectomied self. I haven’t yet had kids of my own but I’ve decided to preemptively put an end to my branch of the Shank ancestral line. While perhaps appearing […]

Final Frontier on Carbon Emissions: Food

MEDIUM 10/02/15 By Michael Shank With the United Nations serving up a vegetarian luncheon for world leaders this past week, made entirely from food waste, and with Hollywood filmmakers talking about how diets can save the planet, we’re starting to witness a sea change in how we think and talk […]

What Pope Francis Will Say to America This Week

MEDIUM 09/23/15 By Michael Shank As Pope Francis arrives in Washington this week, the buzz about what he’ll say to the U.S. Congress and the United Nations is ubiquitous. One need not veer far from what Francis has already summoned in his encyclical, Laudato Si’, to know his exact delivery, […]