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5 Reasons Why Cities Should Create an Office of Urban Agriculture

FAST COMPANY 07/14/23 By Michael Shank and Kate Lee There’s a new movement cropping up in city governments across America. It’s apolitical enough that it can avoid the polarization that comes with other climate initiatives. And it’s easy to incorporate because it spans many aspects of city governance and life, […]

3 Tangible Ways to Engage Your Community and Tackle Big Problems

FAST COMPANY 12/20/22 By Michael Shank From Amsterdam to Cleveland, cities are experimenting with tactics that bring community members into the conversation and empower them to make positive change. As more people migrate to urban areas at risk of climate disaster, cities are increasingly thinking and working outside the traditional […]

It’s Time to Reshape the Food Pyramid to Save the Climate

FAST COMPANY 03/09/21 By Michael Shank Now that Tom Vilsack is back at the helm at the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) for his second stint as secretary, receiving Senate confirmation last month, he’s been promoting conservation and a new bank to convince farmers to support climate action by paying […]

More Recycling Can’t Fix The Fundamental Flaws With Fast Fashion

FAST COMPANY 04/24/18 By Michael Shank and Maxine Bedat Everyone in fashion is talking about “circularity,” but just focusing on reuse isn’t enough to lower the industry’s massive carbon footprint. Imagine if every piece of clothing you own could be recycled into fully new garments when they were worn out, […]