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  • Broadband for All

    Broadband for All

    RUTLAND HERALD 10/07/20 By Michael Shank Many things in life are easier when done together. Whether it’s education, economic development, everyday chores or even emergency response, when you have more hands and more help, the work is more efficiently executed and more effectively implemented. It takes a village to lighten […]

  • Photo by Caleb Kenna

    A Roadmap for a Resilient Rutland County

    By Dr. Michael Shank Published: September 20, 2020 Protecting our infrastructure – physical, economic and social – from shocks to the system should be everyone’s priority. It’s compromised by increasingly extreme weather, extreme economic hardship and extreme ideologies. Committing to a repair and reinvestment strategy, then, should be on everyone’s […]

  • Education and Life Skills

    Education and Life Skills

    RUTLAND HERALD 09/19/20 By Michael Shank As a university professor who has worked for educators in the U.S. Congress and was raised by high school teachers, I’m constantly thinking about the education system and how best to equip the next generation of leaders. I’ve also been interviewing educators throughout Vermont, […]

  • Speaker Series Offers Career Advice

    Speaker Series Offers Career Advice

    RUTLAND HERALD 09/15/20 By Jim Sabataso CASTLETON — A new speaker series aims to share professional career advice for navigating the coronavirus pandemic. The Rutland Rising Job Talk series is being organized by Brandon resident Michael Shank in partnership with Castleton University. The free series, which launches at noon Friday, […]

  • Rutland Rising: Professional Job Talks & Advice

    Rutland Rising: Professional Job Talks & Advice

    On Fridays this fall, at 12 noon ET, Dr. Michael Shank, in partnership with Castleton University, will host a professional development series featuring successful leaders in the business community, in city, state and national government, and in the nonprofit sector. Speakers will discuss how to successfully market yourself in today’s […]