The Future of Climate Action: From Systems Change to Behavior Change 2021
By Michael Shank

Editors: Ankersen, Christopher, Singh Sidhu, Waheguru Pal (Eds.)

  • Explores agency beyond the nation state in Global Affairs, focusing on the role of coalitions, alliances and international organizations
  • Imagines the future of Global Affairs in a much more fluid and often confusing environment where rules are re-written on a regular basis
  • Focuses on the major threats the world will continue to face: from terrorism, to climate change, to cyber and energy, and how well-positioned (or not) we are to address them

This book has two aims: first, to examines the evolving role of the state, and non-state actors, coupled with trends – including globalization, populism, post-truth, enlightened capitalism, feminist foreign policy, energy disruption, climate change, emerging cyber and other technologies, and the crisis in UN-centered multilateralism, to offer a prescient assessment of global affairs in the near future; and, second, to solidify the transdisciplinary nature of Global Affairs as a field of study that transcends the traditional conceptual silos.

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