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Abe Lincoln Impersonator to Teach Kids About the Budget

THE HILL 06/18/13 By Judy Kurtz Don’t be surprised if you happen to spot Abraham Lincoln walking the halls of the Capitol on Tuesday. A former staffer for Rep. Mike Honda (D-Calif.) will be donning Honest Abe’s signature top hat and beard to teach school kids about the 16th president […]

Pinching Pennies, the Lincoln Way

ROLL CALL 06/17/13 By Warren Rojas We’d be willing to bet dollars to doughnuts that most lawmakers remain blissfully ignorant of the nightmarish haggling that goes into composing a nonbinding congressional budget blueprint. Here’s hoping local schoolchildren can stomach the same with a little help from a guy in a […]

What Paul Ryan’s Economic Roadmap Means for America

POLITICO 08/24/12 By Michael Shank Working with one of House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan’s Democratic colleagues on the budget committee, as senior policy advisor to U.S. Congressman Michael Honda (D-Calif.) for several years, I know the economic picture Ryan is trying to paint all too well. It is a grim […]