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How Germans Go Green

US NEWS & WORLD REPORT 12/09/14 By Michael Shank and Johann Saathoff With the German government’s reaffirmation this month of carbon emissions reduction goals of 40 percent by 2020, and its courageous commitment to phase out coal, the country is now leading the world with an aggressive and unparalleled climate […]

Has the Calculus on Climate Talks Changed?

NATIONAL JOURNAL 09/16/14 By Ben Geman and Clare Foran WHAT INSIDERS ARE SAYING HAS THE CALCULUS ON CLIMATE TALKS CHANGED? Is there reason to believe that next year’s U.N. climate negotiations in Paris will succeed where past negotiations have failed? If so, why? Read the question here. “The calculus has […]

Why Congress Needs to Act Now on Super-Pollutants

POLITIX 09/16/14 By Michael Shank As the United Nations convenes world leaders this month in New York to discuss ways to reduce global warming, the United States Senate has the opportunity to discuss the most important lever the U.S. government can pull to cool the planet and make our air […]

Should We Curb Air Pollution From Air Travel?

NATIONAL JOURNAL 09/08/14 By Clare Foran, Ben Geman and Jason Plautz WHAT INSIDERS ARE SAYING SHOULD WE CURB AIR POLLUTION FROM AIR TRAVEL? Should EPA regulate air pollution from the airlines? If so, how strict should the rule be? What are the challenges and risks involved, and how could a […]

Congress vs. the Super Pollutants

US NEWS & WORLD REPORT 12/11/13 By Michael Shank and US Congressman Scott Peters Despite clear warnings of a new climate normal, we still have not made significant progress in Congress to address the root causes. Global climate change has resulted in devastating consequences, but Congress and the president remain […]

A Quick Climate Cure: Stopping Super Pollutants

ROLL CALL 12/09/13 By Michael Shank and US Congressman Scott Peters With gridlock gripping Washington, D.C., and preventing action on even simple fronts, it’s hard to see how Congress and the president will agree on good climate action policy. But the need is clear. Examples of extreme weather occurrences seem […]