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Abe Lincoln Impersonator to Teach Kids About the Budget

THE HILL 06/18/13 By Judy Kurtz Don’t be surprised if you happen to spot Abraham Lincoln walking the halls of the Capitol on Tuesday. A former staffer for Rep. Mike Honda (D-Calif.) will be donning Honest Abe’s signature top hat and beard to teach school kids about the 16th president […]

Pinching Pennies, the Lincoln Way

ROLL CALL 06/17/13 By Warren Rojas We’d be willing to bet dollars to doughnuts that most lawmakers remain blissfully ignorant of the nightmarish haggling that goes into composing a nonbinding congressional budget blueprint. Here’s hoping local schoolchildren can stomach the same with a little help from a guy in a […]

‘Lincoln’: Where was Frederick Douglass?

WASHINGTON POST 11/28/12 By Michael Shank There is much to laud in the recently released film “Lincoln,” and Participant Media, which produced the film, points a principled way forward for fellow filmmakers, and their audiences, who care about social action.  Participant Media is relatively new to Hollywood, but it has […]

GOP, Follow Stevens’ Example

PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER 11/28/12 By Michael Shank Will Pennsylvania ever produce another Republican leader on par with Thaddeus Stevens (“‘Lincoln’ lays bare messy reality of process,” Sunday)? Stevens’ adamant promotion of equality and opportunity contrasts starkly with the present state GOP. Whether it is the voter-ID law that would disproportionately impact […]