GMU NEWS 08/19/15
By Buzz McClain

Michael Shank has joined an informal White House working group studying how local governments across the country communicate and address climate change in their regions.

Shank is a member of the adjunct faculty and a board member of George Mason University’s School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution.

The White House working group includes members of nongovernment organizations, philanthropic entities and city umbrella collectives discussing climate change issues with mayors.

Shank, who earned his PhD in conflict analysis and resolution from Mason in 2013, is a widely sought-after commentator on climate change issues. He said he applies his S-CAR training as well as his teaching methods to his work with the White House.

“Good communication should be a critical consideration of any and all Mason course work, something I consistently stress in the media-focused graduate courses I teach at the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution,” he said.

There’s also an immense need to spread the word about climate action happening at the municipal level, he said.

“Whether it’s U.S. cities committing to 100 percent renewable energy or cities reducing their greenhouse gas emissions by 100 percent, the group gathered at the White House is working to coordinate and communicate the unprecedented climate action occurring across American municipalities.”

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