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Doubling Down on Drone Mistakes

US NEWS & WORLD REPORT 06/29/17 By Michael Shank America’s trigger-happy president, Donald Trump, is increasingly getting the United States into trouble with dramatic ramp-ups of military intervention. The latest, Russia’s threat to retaliate in response to the Defense Department’s downing of a Syrian jet and Trump’s vague threatening over […]

Waste Will Win Under Trump

US NEWS & WORLD REPORT 3/27/17 By Michael Shank President Donald Trump is missing a major market opportunity in loosening fuel economy standards, a direction decided in Detroit last week. Trump, apparently, wants America to miss out on the global growth of energy efficient vehicles. The numbers speak for themselves. […]

Yemen Needs Us Now

US NEWS & WORLD REPORT 03/06/17 By Michael Shank Yemen is now a White House talking point. It was in President Donald Trump’s speech to a joint session of Congress last week and there’s speculation of increased American military involvement. While most Americans aren’t tracking the complexities of the civil […]

Feckless on Foreign Policy

US NEWS & WORLD REPORT 01/23/17 By Michael Shank The vote for Trump’s defense secretary shows how the left rolls over on military issues. The Senate Democrats’ sound and fury over President Donald Trump’s cabinet picks and his political agenda is apparently signifying nothing – at least on defense policy. […]

Pardon Edward Snowden

US NEWS & WORLD REPORT 09/16/16 By Michael Shank Patriots come in all shapes and sizes, not just in American uniforms. Laudable service to your country can, and should, include caring for the “least of these,” protecting the environment and volunteering locally. Those are all equally important ways one can […]

Unholy Media Malpractice

US NEWS & WORLD REPORT 04/18/16 By Michael Shank The press totally missed the point of Bernie Sanders’ trip to the Vatican. “Sen. Bernie Sanders gets invited to the Vatican.” “Sen. Bernie Sanders meets with the pope.” Meetings and invitations, with whom and by whom, is how much of the […]

How Germans Go Green

US NEWS & WORLD REPORT 12/09/14 By Michael Shank and Johann Saathoff With the German government’s reaffirmation this month of carbon emissions reduction goals of 40 percent by 2020, and its courageous commitment to phase out coal, the country is now leading the world with an aggressive and unparalleled climate […]

Breakdown in Yemen

US NEWS & WORLD REPORT 11/06/14 By Michael Shank and Casey Harrity Yemen is teetering on the verge of an all-out sectarian civil war. Recent peace deals may prove to be fleeting. The Houthis, a Zaydi-Shiite group based in northern Yemen, stormed the capital, Sanaa, over one month ago, resulting […]

Dirty Energy Dollars

US NEWS & WORLD REPORT 10/28/14 By Michael Shank and Julia Trezona Peek Members of Congress should refuse campaign donations from fossil fuel industries. Despite the fact that the American people mobilized in historic numbers last month to demand climate solutions, with the march in New York City drawing up […]

Don’t Let China Dominate

US NEWS & WORLD REPORT 09/18/14 By Michael Shank, Elena Krieger and Julia Trezona Peek This month’s report on renewable energy markets from the International Energy Agency indicates that by 2020, China will account for almost 40 percent of the growth in renewable energy capacity. The United States, meanwhile, lags […]