Bailing On the Paris Climate Deal Would Be a Huge Security Risk

TIME MAGAZINE 06/01/17 By Michael Shank and U.S. Congressman Raul Grijalva U.S. Representative Grijalva (D-AZ) is a ranking member on the House Natural Resources Committee. Shank is an adjunct assistant professor at New York University’s Center for Global Affairs. The Trump Administration is poised to isolate itself from reality once […]

Everyone In Donald Trump’s Cabinet Is Failing Americans

TIME 02/17/17 By Michael Shank and U.S. Congresswoman Yvette Clarke As President Donald Trump’s Cabinet confirmation hearings continue, it’s shocking to see how far the President has deviated from Republican presidential precedent when it comes to selecting his Cabinet. President Richard Nixon, for example, after reading and reacting to the […]

Businesses Must Take the Lead on Climate-Change Action

TIME 11/17/16 By Michael Shank and Maxine Bedat With President-Elect Donald Trump publicly stating plans to remove, roll back, rescind and deregulate America’s environmental commitments—from the Clean Power Plan, which reduces emissions from dirty coal-fired power plants, to the Paris climate agreement, which aims to slow global warming—one wonders where […]

What the Flint Crisis Reveals About Inequality in the U.S.

TIME MAGAZINE 02/09/15 By Michael Shank and Justin Talbot-Zorn It isn’t just how much money people are making—it’s also what people are breathing, drinking and eating On Sunday, Hillary Clinton took leave from the New Hampshire campaign trail to address to a local church in Flint, Mich. Just a few […]

Getting Stability and Reconstruction Ops Right…the Next Time

TIME 07/26/12 By Rep. Steve Stockman I am the sponsor of a recently introduced bill, H.R. 2606, along with my colleague Peter Welch, Democrat of Vermont, calling for the establishment of a U.S. Office of Contingency Operations. Why is this necessary? Bluntly speaking, the way the United States currently plans […]