The Hill

Using Renewable Energy to Help Rebuild in Ukraine

THE HILL 10/04/23 By Michael Shank and US Congressman Lloyd Doggett The accelerating climate emergency demands that we seek progress wherever and whenever possible. Understanding this, the leaders of 50 Ukrainian cities and territories sent a letter to Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm (copied to Secretary of State Antony Blinken, US […]

Climate Activism Can’t Leave Out the Built Environment — It Generates Half of Emissions

THE HILL 08/05/22 By Michael Shank With Indonesian islanders suing cement producers for climate damages recently, buildings are getting much-needed attention for their carbon-heavy footprint. The built environment generates nearly 50 percent of annual global emissions. Yet, buildings hardly receive the climate activism commensurate with their impact – despite concrete […]

Climate Change Requires a Global Security Rethink

THE HILL 12/31/21 By Michael Shank and US Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke This past month, rich countries made it very clear that least developed and under-resourced nations — the ones most vulnerable to extreme climate impacts but the least responsible for the global warming that generated them — are on […]

Political Disenfranchisement is Fueling Environmental Injustice

THE HILL 04/09/21 By Michael Shank Everyone in America deserves the right to clean air, clean water and clean environments in which to live. Achieving these basic human rights for all of us would be a major milestone in building an environmentally just and equitable society — and unfortunately, we’re […]

Protecting Federal Lands Should be a No-Brainer

THE HILL 03/19/21 By Michael Shank Undoing former President Donald Trump’s legacy of environmental damage and degradation — and his administration’s many regulatory rollbacks — has been high on President Joe Biden’s 100 days to-do list. The impressive lineup of environmental leaders appointed across energy, transportation, environment and interior departments […]

The US is Ripe for Climate-Friendly Diets

THE HILL 02/23/21 By Michael Shank Since receiving President Biden’s nomination for secretary of the Department of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack is indicating that he’s newly committed to a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) that prioritizes sustainability, regenerative and climate resilient agriculture. It’s a welcomed shift from previous stints as […]