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Is the Time Right for a Gas-Tax Hike?

NATIONAL JOURNAL 01/07/15 By Clare Foran (@ckmarie), Jason Plautz (@jason_plautz) and Ben Geman (@ben_geman) WHAT INSIDERS ARE SAYING IS THE TIME RIGHT FOR A GAS-TAX HIKE? As gas prices continue to fall, policy wonks are eyeing a potential increase in the federal gas tax. But will there be a political […]

What Did Lima Achieve?

NATIONAL JOURNAL 12/16/14 By Clare Foran WHAT INSIDERS ARE SAYING WHAT DID LIMA ACHIEVE? The United Nations climate talks in Lima may have produced a rough road map for countries to outline carbon cuts, but leave several questions up in the air heading into the make-or-break negotiations in Paris. Were […]

Can Shale Withstand a Drop in Oil Prices?

NATIONAL JOURNAL 12/01/14 By Clare Foran WHAT INSIDERS ARE SAYING How far will prices have to drop for U.S. production to be significantly curtailed? Which drilling operations will start to feel the sting first? And how are companies with major investments in shale likely to respond? Does Washington have any […]

Will Obama Veto the Keystone XL Pipeline?

NATIONAL JOURNAL 11/10/14 By Clare Foran, Ben Geman and Jason Plautz WILL OBAMA VETO THE KEYSTONE XL PIPELINE? What political considerations will the president need to weigh in making his decision? If he approves, or rejects, the pipeline, what consequences will he face? “Since our Congress remains hobbled by the […]

What’s the Value of Divestment?

NATIONAL JOURNAL 10/20/14 By Clare Foran and Jason Plautz WHAT INSIDERS ARE SAYING WHAT’S THE VALUE OF DIVESTMENT? ExxonMobil this month criticized the divestment movement, which seeks to pressure investors to drop stock in oil and gas companies. Does divestment have symbolic and financial value? Are there costs, and who […]

Are Energy Sanctions Working?

NATIONAL JOURNAL 10/06/14 By Clare Foran and Ben Geman WHAT INSIDERS ARE SAYING ARE ENERGY SANCTIONS WORKING? Despite U.S. sanctions aimed at Moscow’s energy sector, oil production is up in Russia. Should sanctions be stronger to achieve U.S. diplomatic aims? What’s the best metric to gauge success? “Without question, oil […]

UN Summit Already Successful: $50 Billion Divested From Fossil Fuels

NATIONAL JOURNAL 09/22/14 By Michael Shank The United Nations climate summit in New York, where I’m writing from this week, is already a success. With Rockefeller Brothers Fund announcing this week that they’re divesting entirely from fossil fuels, pulling $860 million of RBF funds out of fossil fuel stocks, the […]

Has the Calculus on Climate Talks Changed?

NATIONAL JOURNAL 09/16/14 By Ben Geman and Clare Foran WHAT INSIDERS ARE SAYING HAS THE CALCULUS ON CLIMATE TALKS CHANGED? Is there reason to believe that next year’s U.N. climate negotiations in Paris will succeed where past negotiations have failed? If so, why? Read the question here. “The calculus has […]

Should We Curb Air Pollution From Air Travel?

NATIONAL JOURNAL 09/08/14 By Clare Foran, Ben Geman and Jason Plautz WHAT INSIDERS ARE SAYING SHOULD WE CURB AIR POLLUTION FROM AIR TRAVEL? Should EPA regulate air pollution from the airlines? If so, how strict should the rule be? What are the challenges and risks involved, and how could a […]

Hill Vegetarians Want to Know: Where Are the Lentils?

NATIONAL JOURNAL 03/26/14 By Billy House A little-publicized caucus of Capitol Hill aides—the Congressional Vegetarian Staff Association—is set to convene again Friday as part of its persistent campaign to get better vegetarian food options put on the Capitol eatery menus. Guest speakers at the event in the Capitol Visitor Center […]