National Interest

Confronting America’s Misguided Drone Program

THE NATIONAL INTEREST 05/01/17 By Daniel L. Davis The use of armed drone warfare by the United States has proliferated since 9/11. Advocates of the program say it is essential to American national security. These claims are far from convincing—more on that below. What gets very little examination one way […]

A Clear and Present Danger to Planet Earth: Climate Change

NATIONAL INTEREST 01/26/15 By Michael Shank and Des Browne We are facing a new security threat, and, if left unaddressed, it has the potential to kill thousands of people in a single summer. We are talking, of course, about climate change. A new study authored by the British Met Office […]

9/11 Forever (and Ever)

NATIONAL INTEREST 01/21/15 By Daniel L. Davis The Stanford and NYU Law Schools jointly conducted a probe of the effectiveness of American drone strikes.  In the 2012 executive summary of Living Under Drones, the authors state that after “nine months of intensive research—including two investigations in Pakistan, more than 130 […]