Fast Fashion Comes at a Steep Price for the Environment

MSNBC 05/21/16 By Michael Shank and Maxine Bédat There are few industries fickler than fashion, changing annually and swapping seasonally. The good news is that fashion can, in theory, change more quickly than the energy or agricultural industries, for example. And when it comes to tackling climate change, agility and […]

Why Trump’s Foreign Policy Won’t Make America Great Again

MSNBC 04/02/16 By Michael Shank When it comes to foreign policy planning, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is right to introduce an era of unpredictability, which, according to Trump, will be his overarching modus operandi if elected. Just consider America’s security threats: Increased violence by non-state actors and heightened insecurity […]

Analysis: Progressive Policies Provide Answer for Sanders’ Foreign Policy Gap

MSNBC 2/10/16 By Michael Shank Bernie Sanders’ foreign policy — or apparent lack thereof — is not an oversight that’s unique to the presidential candidate. It’s representative of a pervasive problem within the progressive movement. Progressive elected officials in America are more often raised on domestic issues: lobbying on healthcare, […]

How Sustainability Should Shape the American Diet

MSNBC 10/27/15 By Michael Shank and US Congressman Matt Cartwright The World Health Organization’s somewhat startling finding this week, that processed meats can be carcinogenic, has suddenly brought national dietary policy into sharp focus.  Although the headline is an unsettling one, it is nonetheless altogether timely because of what is […]