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12 Ways to Improve Climate Change Communications

12 Ways to Improve Climate Change Communications HUFFINGTON POST 11/22/17 CNCA 11/08/19 By Michael Shank Environmentalists have long depended on good data and sound science to determine the direction of their advocacy agendas. Climate change campaigns are an excellent example of this. They’re reliant on rigorous modeling, and the science-based […]

Why Waste-to-Energy Plants Are Problematic

HUFFINGTON POST  5/25/17 By Michael Shank Many Americans don’t know where their trash goes after tossing it. Out of sight, out of mind. They don’t know where their municipal landfill is located or that an incinerator is nearby, ready to burn their waste. That disconnect makes it easy for Americans […]

How Plastic Bottles Benefit ExxonMobil

HUFFINGTON POST 03/09/17 By Michael Shank America has a dangerous and deadly addiction to plastic. If recent trends in New York State are any indication, it’s not going away anytime soon, thanks, in part, to multi-million-dollar lobbying by the plastic manufacturing industry. Yet the recent showdown over plastic bag fees […]

Global Mayors Protest Trump’s Anti-Climate Cabinet

HUFFINGTON POST 12/16/16 By Michael Shank This week, in response to President-elect Donald Trump’s cabinet picks for Departments of State, Energy, and Interior, as well as the Environmental Protection Agency, mayors from Canada, Europe, Latin America and Australia sent a sharply worded letter to mayors of American cities, noting that […]

Expect Resource Wars With Exxon CEO At State Helm

HUFFINGTON POST 12/12/16 By Michael Shank Now that President-elect Donald Trump is positioning ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson as head of the U.S. State Department and America’s top diplomat, expect U.S. foreign policy to adopt a more overt and explicit commitment to resource-based warfare. There is no question that Tillerson will […]

Pro-Earth Republicans In The Era Of President Trump

HUFFINGTON POST 12/07/16 By Michael Shank As President-Elect Donald Trump stacks his cabinet with climate deniers – including Scott Pruitt, the Oklahoma attorney general suing the Environmental Protection Agency, to head the EPA – it’s helpful to keep reminding the country that not too long ago Republicans were acknowledging and […]

America’s Costly Addiction to Billion-Dollar Bailouts

HUFFINGTON POST 10/13/16 By Michael Shank This month, the Obama Administration decided to refrain from bailing out the health insurance industry. In doing so, the U.S. Department of Justice dismissed multimillion-dollar lawsuits from two big healthcare insurers, a move that would’ve circumvented Congress and was roiling Republicans who were threatening […]

River at Risk: Oil, Gas, Nukes Threaten New York Health

HUFFINGTON POST 09/19/16 By Michael Shank The Hudson River is under threat, again. Just when we thought we were in the clear – and that river towns up and down the Hudson Valley could enjoy scenic river views for restaurants, new housing, parks and other critical economic development – we’re […]

This Index Can Keep Countries Accountable to the Goals

HUFFINGTON POST 09/12/16 By Michael Shank As a general rule, global goals are good. They focus the international community’s short-term attention, lock in preferred long-term targets and trajectories, and prioritize national governments’ policies and plans. This is a good strategy no matter how idealistic or optimistic any goal may appear […]

Why Forest Whitaker Is Making the UN Goals Famous

HUFFINGTON POST 04/22/16 By Michael Shank This was a big week for the United Nations, which came out strong on climate and the sustainable development goals and witnessed major milestones in recent months. First, on climate, post-Paris, there were over 160 countries signing the deal at UN headquarters on Earth […]