Trump Should Take a Lesson From the Pope on How to Lead

FORTUNE 06/07/16 By Michael Shank He might actually yield a higher ROI by trying an alternative approach. Over the weekend, Pope Francis made a political statement inside the Vatican that has direct bearing on the U.S. presidential landscape: “Politics is one of the highest forms of charity.” Noting that we […]

This Is the Only Way to Fight Global Climate Change

FORTUNE 04/30/16 By Michael Shank and Carolyn Kissane There’s no more time for stalled sustainability measures. After 170-plus nations signed the Paris climate agreement last week and now with trans-Atlantic trade talks back on President Obama’s agenda, it’s clear that the international community’s trade rules will need to be rethought, […]

Proof Nuclear Energy Is a Huge Security Risk

FORTUNE 03/08/16 By Michael Shank It’s time to rethink what constitutes “clean energy” Nuclear energy is not the answer to America’s necessary clean energy transition. It’s an expensive, dirty, and dangerous fuel, which is why seven electrical engineers at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) noted, last week, significant safety […]