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Posting Property Against Hunting Should Be a One-And-Done Deal

VTDIGGER 12/06/22 RUTLAND HERALD 12/08/22 TIMES ARGUS 12/08/22 CALEDONIAN RECORD 12/15/22 BRATTLEBORO REFORMER 12/20/22 By Michael Shank This commentary is by Michael Shank, a resident of Montpelier. Here’s the only time I’ll ever utter the following phrase: Vermont should be more like Alabama and Arkansas, Tennessee and Texas, and Missouri […]

It’s Time for a Governor That Cares About Working Vermonters

BRATTLEBORO REFORMER 11/03/22 VTDIGGER 11/09/22 By Michael Shank This month, I was asked to investigate “Why this governor doesn’t care about working aged people?” And by governor, they meant Vermont Gov. Phil Scott. That was the question posed to me, verbatim. And while I had some initial thoughts in response […]

Examining the Environmental Impacts of Buildings in Vermont

BRATTLEBORO REFORMER 08/10/22 TIMES ARGUS 08/13/22 RUTLAND HERALD 08/13/22 By Michael Shank With Indonesian islanders suing cement producers for climate damages recently, buildings are getting much-needed attention for their carbon-heavy footprint. The built environment generates nearly 50 percent of annual global emissions, which is why efforts in Vermont to weatherize […]

Scott’s ‘Symbolic Bipartisanship’ Helps No One

BRATTLEBORO REFORMER 07/12/22 By Michael Shank Over the July 4th weekend, a resident of a town in Vermont posted a picture on social media of Governor Phil Scott walking in a parade and said that Vermont has a great governor, and that Scott is one of the good Republicans and […]

We Need an Urgent Response to Vermont’s Armed White Supremacists

BENNINGTON BANNER 09/14/21 BRATTLEBORO REFORMER 09/14/21 By Michael Shank This summer, in an online report of “America’s Best Places to Live in 2021,” which ranked 10 U.S. states as “America’s most welcoming,” Vermont ranked first. The state’s impressive COVID-19 response, and strong public health spending, boosted its spot. But what’s […]