National Analysis

Vermont Offers a Peek at a Solar Energy Future

REUTERS 01/20/20 By Michael Shank A peer-to-peer energy sales platform will allow businesses to buy locally generated renewable power from others in the U.S. state When it comes to green energy innovation, there are few American states that innovate like Vermont. Last month, Vermont’s biggest power utility – Green Mountain […]

Planetary Benefits of Smaller Families

VTDIGGER 12/20/19 By Michael Shank Editor’s note: This commentary is by Dr. Michael Shank, a resident of Brandon who teaches sustainable development at NYU’s Center for Global Affairs. Given the climate inaction among national governments — from America and Australia to Brazil and Britain — there’s been a big focus […]

The Business Case for Climate-Friendly Tech

REUTERS 11/21/19 By Michael Shank The global environmental sensor market, as just one example, is already proliferating and expecting to be a $3 billion annual market in under ten years The Economist Intelligence Unit’s report this week warns that climate change will shave 3% off the world economy, costing almost […]

As Climate Threats to Cities Grow, the Time to Act is Now

REUTERS 07/22/19 By Michael Shank and US Congresswoman Yvette Clarke As the costs and threats from climate change rise, the key is not to wait until it’s too late to take action U.S. Rep. Yvette D. Clarke represents New York’s 9th district and serves on the House Energy and Commerce […]

Keeping Our Planet Inhabitable

VTDIGGER 12/19/18By Michael Shank and US Congressman Alan LowenthalEditor’s note: This commentary is by Michael Shank and Rep. Alan Lowenthal. Shank, of Brandon, teaches sustainable development at NYU’s Center for Global Affairs and is the communications director at the Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance and the Urban Sustainability Directors Network. Lowenthal, […]