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River at Risk: Oil, Gas, Nukes Threaten New York Health

HUFFINGTON POST 09/19/16 By Michael Shank The Hudson River is under threat, again. Just when we thought we were in the clear – and that river towns up and down the Hudson Valley could enjoy scenic river views for restaurants, new housing, parks and other critical economic development – we’re […]

Bucolic Peekskill Under Attack

JOURNAL NEWS 09/14/16 By Michael Shank Film series raises awareness about threats to our health and our Hudson Valley home One year ago, I moved to Peekskill to have more nature in my life. While my professional path has kept me in the city, my preferred setting is where the air […]

The NYC Security Risk That Candidates Aren’t Discussing

HUFFINGTON POST 1/29/16 By Michael Shank Americans are slowly, but surely, becoming more familiar with, and fearful of, acts of terror. “Terrorism” dominates the presidential campaign debates with few other policy topics getting such prominence. Yet with all of the front runners’ hometown familiarity with one of America’s most frequent […]

Redefining “Pro-Life”: The Importance of Family Planning

MEDIUM 1/14/16 By Michael Shank This week, I became an “end-of-the-liner”. It’s a term I’m using to refer to my newly vasectomied self. I haven’t yet had kids of my own but I’ve decided to preemptively put an end to my branch of the Shank ancestral line. While perhaps appearing […]

The Noxious Origins of NYC Gentrification: Cooking Gas

HUFFINGTON POST 12/18/15 By Michael Shank Keeping landlords honest in New York City – or New York State, for that matter – is not an enviable task, given how common the less-than-honest ones are, but it’s a job that nonetheless falls squarely in the laps of city and state officials. […]

Albany Gets “F” for Failing to Protect Tenants

HUFFINGTON POST 06/17/15 By Michael Shank New York City is infamous for its unaffordable and undignified housing. Not only is the city’s housing a clear and present danger to residents, as I’ve detailed before, but renters in Manhattan pay, on average, over $4,000 a month. This is untenable for the […]

NYC Housing: A Clear and Present Danger

HUFFINGTON POST 03/28/15 By Michael Shank In the wake of New York City’s devastating gas explosion and fire in the East Village, which destroyed residential buildings and injured dozens of New Yorkers, there couldn’t be a more critical time to take a serious look at New York’s housing situation. In […]

DC’s Attorney General Race: A Serious Impact on District Youth

HUFFINGTON POST 11/03/14 By Michael Shank and Erica Marshall On November 4 the voters in the District will turn out to choose our City’s next mayor. On the same ballot, after casting a vote for David Catania, Muriel Bowser or Carol Schwartz, voters will be asked to choose between five […]

Why D.C. Should Take Youth Court Program Off Life Support

WASHINGTON POST 05/14/14 By Michael Shank The Youth Court of the District of Columbia, one of the only organizations dealing with juvenile delinquency in Washington, is currently on life support, writes Michael Shank, associate director of legislative affairs for the Friends Committee on National Legislation. Here’s his post about why […]