Climate Change

The Business Argument for Addressing Climate Change

ROLL CALL 04/15/15 By Michael Shank and US Congressman Mike Honda Most Americans know, in general, about climate change. Even those who dispute it have read or heard about rising tides, melting ice caps and superstorms. However, the American people remain largely unaware of how climate change will potentially affect […]

United States Faces Uncertain Water Future as Drought Expands

ABC NEWS 03/30/15 By Nikolai Beilharz Drought in California in the United States is now in its fourth year, and some environmental groups say there is not enough political momentum and interest to address the problem. The water shortage has organisations like Climate Nexus, a not-for-profit group focusing on climate […]

Cyclone Pam is Just the Start

NEWSWEEK 03/19/15 By Michael Shank and US Congresswoman Yvette Clarke In the wake of island nation Vanuatu’s devastation by Cyclone Pam, in which 320 mile-per-hour winds killed dozens of people and destroyed 90 percent of the buildings in the capital city of Port Vila, public health experts fear that the […]

A Clear and Present Danger to Planet Earth: Climate Change

NATIONAL INTEREST 01/26/15 By Michael Shank and Des Browne We are facing a new security threat, and, if left unaddressed, it has the potential to kill thousands of people in a single summer. We are talking, of course, about climate change. A new study authored by the British Met Office […]

The End of the Partisan Divide Over Climate Change

FORBES 01/18/15 By Tom Zeller Among the GOP’s liberal and moderate wings, roughly two-thirds were convinced that global warming is real — a fact that has even Republican pollsters arguing that the GOP risks its future by continuing to deny basic climate science on Capitol Hill. Indeed, as Michael Shank […]

More Record Warmth Means More Flooding

USA TODAY 01/16/15 By Michael Shank and Rep Alan Lowenthal In the coming years, thanks to a rapidly warming climate, sea level rise and flooding will become a frequent occurrence on every coast of the North American continent. While Southern California will suffer from some of the most significant sea […]

Republicans Want to Fight Climate Change, Too

THE WEEK 01/15/15 By Michael Shank This year is quickly shaping up to be a banner year for action on climate change. And just in time. Last year was the hottest year on record. We also logged the highest global carbon emissions ever. This resulted in a slew of extreme […]

Is the Time Right for a Gas-Tax Hike?

NATIONAL JOURNAL 01/07/15 By Clare Foran (@ckmarie), Jason Plautz (@jason_plautz) and Ben Geman (@ben_geman) WHAT INSIDERS ARE SAYING IS THE TIME RIGHT FOR A GAS-TAX HIKE? As gas prices continue to fall, policy wonks are eyeing a potential increase in the federal gas tax. But will there be a political […]

Hottest Year on Record, 2014, Brings Economic Opportunity

HUFFINGTON POST 01/07/15 By Michael Shank and Julia Trezona Peek With 2014 weighing in as the hottest year on record, the window to mitigate global warming rapidly shrinks. It’s time to eliminate the debate that action on climate change will harm economic growth. Climate change, left unaddressed, will decimate our […]