Key Dates for Student Competition

  • Competition announced on September 3, 2019
  • Submissions accepted until March 1, 2020
  • Winners announced online on May 1, 2020

Purpose of competition

  • To encourage environmental awareness in the Brandon area
  • To foster Brandon area skills-building in storytelling and environmental filmmaking
  • To support young aspiring filmmakers in the Brandon area

Submission Requirements for Students

  • Film submissions should be 2-5 minutes long (submissions must be published on a youtube or vimeo channel and submitted via hyperlink only)
  • Films can be produced using any kind of equipment (e.g. smart phones)
  • Films should feature an environmental issue within the Brandon area (e.g. problem areas such as trash burning and car pollution, or solutions areas like recycling and renewable energy)
  • Films should be created, written, produced and edited by students (recognizing that teachers and parents will be involved, but the process should be led by the student)
  • Film entries should come from students enrolled in the following schools (homeschoolers with Brandon area addresses are also encouraged to submit films):
    • Barstow Memorial School
    • Lothrop Elementary School
    • Neshobe Elementary School
    • Otter Creek Academy at Leicester, Sudbury and Whiting
    • Otter Valley Union High School

Submission process

Brandon area students should submit their full name, school or homeschool affiliation, and their film’s website link to the following address:

Judging criteria

Films will be judged on the following basis:

  • Clear and coherent environmental message
  • Compelling invitation that encourages the public to get engaged in the environmental effort
  • Creative storytelling, visuals, and site visits
  • Concise editing


  • $500 for the First Prize
  • $250 for the Second Prize
  • $100 for the Third Prize
  • $50 for Honorable Mentions (for each of the judged criterion)

Screening of Films

Finalists’ submissions will be screened for the public in Brandon in May of 2020.