The Green Room by EnviroCentre with Michael Shank, CNCA

The Green Room is a podcast where you will meet the people at the frontlines of climate action. They come from different fields of expertise: activists, entrepreneurs, policy-makers, engineers, artists and many more. But all they share a common goal – take action today to ensure a greener tomorrow. The Green Room is made by EnviroCentre with the support of Pop Up Podcasting Studio.

Behavioural changes for climate action with Michael Shank from Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance

Michael Shank is the Communications Director for Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance and is passionate about working at that level because change can happen quickly. Michael discusses the top behavioural changes we can make to have the most impact, based on a study by Lund University. He also calls on the environmental and climate movement players to lead by example in normalizing eating a plant-based diet, and the importance of a regenerative future.

You can find the Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance here: Website: Instagram: @cnca_80x50 Facebook: @carbonneutralcitiesalliance Twitter: @CarbnNtrlCities

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