Circular Economy for the SDGs: From Concept to Practice

Joint meeting: Second Committee, 7th meeting – General Assembly, 73rd session and Economic and Social Council, 3rd plenary meeting. Moderated by Dr. Michael Shank, Communications Director, Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance The Joint Meeting of ECOSOC and the Second Committee of the General Assembly discussed how the transition towards a circular economy, an economy in which waste and pollution do not exist by design, products and materials are kept in use, and natural systems are regenerated, can be leveraged to accelerate implementation of the 2030 Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals. The discussion focused on opportunities and challenges in transitioning from a linear to a circular economy, industries and stakeholders leading in the transition, and the policy frameworks and platforms which are enabling this important shift. The Meeting also explored how partnerships between different sectors are helping to accelerate the adoption of a circular economy in different areas of the world. For entire video, click here.