Farm for Sale in Brandon, Vermont

Farm for Sale in Brandon, Vermont


Why “for sale by owner”? I’m handling the sale of my home because I want this beautiful property to land in the right hands. The hawks and herons, ospreys and owls, bats and beavers all call this place home. The wetlands here are healthy, the ecosystem is thriving and the wildlife is re-wilding. I’m looking for sustainable and organic farmers, nonprofits committed to equity and justice, nature-based educational centers and/or animal sanctuaries. The pictures below give you an overview but there have been important updates since some of those pictures were taken (e.g. 52 solar panels, all-new horse fencing, new run-in sheds for sheep and goats, and more). I just announced the sale of my farm mid-April and so now the prep work begins. Please reach out to me if you’d like to stop by for a visit. My email is michael.john.shank (at) gmail dot com and my cell is 802.989.9432. There are LOTS of pictures of my animal sanctuary on Instagram – which I informally named The Shanctuary, given my last name – that I encourage you to check out, too.

Here are the key pieces of information:

76 acres (roughly 60 acres are forested, with hiking trails and views north of the Green Mountains, 14 acres in fields, and 2 acres for house, garage and outbuildings; forest was formerly in current use but isn’t presently)
4 bedrooms

3 1/2 bathrooms
2,317 square feet
2-car garage and workshop
Multiple outbuildings
Town Taxes: $7564

What I’ve invested into this property: I bought this place for $315k and put roughly $100k into it with the new 52 solar panels, heat pumps for heating and cooling, water line to the barn, wood burning fireplace inset, heat pump hot water heater, all new electric fencing and fence posts in multiple fields, animal run-in sheds, well water tank, insulation, porch balusters, and more. I also lease two Tesla Powerwall batteries from GMP (the lease would transfer with the property; each battery is $15 a month). Also note, that the big machinery shed below in the pictures is now a horse/cow barn.

Energy and water security: There’s ample solar power (I donate the excess 30% to local schools and nonprofits), Powerwall batteries, and electric heating and cooling (which is powered by that solar and backed up by the batteries during power outages from storms). There are springs on the property that always have water, which is important since the beautiful Bresee Mill Brook, which runs through the property, dries up in August. Given the drought last year and this year’s expected drought conditions, I recommend adding a box/system for spring water collection for farm use (that was my plan this year anyway). It’s a great opportunity to be energy and water secure.

Work to be done: What you’ll see when you come visit are 3 things that will need work in the coming years. I was planning to paint the house at some point in the future as it could use a fresh coat of paint. I was also waiting to decide what to do with the east-facing deck (replace it or remove it since I never used it). And at some point in the future, the oil-burning furnace will need to be replaced with your choice of backup (I had plans for an electric furnace). My heat pumps provide most of my heat in the winter. But it’s good to have backup for extremely cold winters. (The gas tank in the pictures below is no longer there, btw. That was for a gas fireplace which has now been turned into a real fireplace.)

Let me know if you’d like to come visit. I’ve started to show the place already. Thanks! – Michael