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  • Detroit on the Brink

    Detroit on the Brink

    THE HILL 10/29/14 By Michael Shank and Peter Hammer The post-industrial dystopia emerging on the streets of Detroit may be shocking, but it is not surprising.  The crisis results from the convergent forces of fiscal austerity and structural racism in a region defined by its extreme segregation of race, wealth […]

  • Dirty Energy Dollars

    Dirty Energy Dollars

    US NEWS & WORLD REPORT 10/28/14 By Michael Shank and Julia Trezona Peek Members of Congress should refuse campaign donations from fossil fuel industries. Despite the fact that the American people mobilized in historic numbers last month to demand climate solutions, with the march in New York City drawing up […]

  • Jobs Index Shows Dismal Outlook for US Workers

    Jobs Index Shows Dismal Outlook for US Workers

    ROLL CALL 10/23/14 By Michael Shank and US Rep Steve Cohen (D-TN) This month, the first-ever global ranking of countries based on the quantity — and quality — of their jobs was released. The JustJobs Index uses empirical data to provide workers around the world with a simple answer to […]

  • Post-Election Ferguson: Bipartisan Congress to Demilitarize Police

    Post-Election Ferguson: Bipartisan Congress to Demilitarize Police

    HUFFINGTON POST 10/21/14 By Michael Shank As the Ferguson fight rages on, a potentially more courageous Congress stands ready to return, post-elections, to shut down that which rightfully enraged protestors initially. Last month, Republicans and Democrats in the Senate and the House of Representatives finally took a stand against the […]

  • Go After Super Pollutants

    Go After Super Pollutants

    THE HILL 10/20/14 By Michael Shank and Rep Scott Peters (D-CA) Last month was a significant time for climate action and raising awareness about climate change, featuring the massive People’s Climate March and the United Nations’ Climate Summit. Despite these events, Congress hasn’t acted. But there is an opportunity for […]